J-wire article on Holocaust survivor Lena Goldstein

J-Wire have just featured a story on Holocaust survivor, Lena Goldstein.

Pictured here is Lena beside Barbara, receiving the Order of Australia medal from then Governor of NSW

Lena is the subject of Barbara Miller’s latest book, “If I Survive” – and recently celebrated her 100th Birthday on 31/1/2019, in Sydney Australia. The article talks about here amazing courage to fight back against the evil Nazi rule and her ability to keep and share a sense of humour during the darkest of days:

“…Following her escape from the ghetto in 1943, Lena was hidden by a Polish caretaker for 18 months. Later, her hiding spot was an underground bunker, cramped together with eight others. Lena set to writing a satirical newsletter for her companions in the bunker, “just to put some humour into the tragic life that we were living in the bunker.” Lena’s outward humour during this time was masking her actual anxieties. Lena’s satirical ‘Bunker Weekly’ and her personal diary entries from this time are now held in the Sydney Jewish Museum’s collection for safekeeping…”

100 year-old Holocaust survivor reflects on the duty to remember

The If I Survive book will be launched at the Sydney Jewish Museum on Sunday 10 February, 2.30pm

You can make a booking to the free event here:

We look forward to seeing you there!



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