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No Racism in Constitution
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Boomerang Petition

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This is the petition on which there are 2115 signatures so far. We are asking people who are Australian citizens and of voting age to print it, sign it and post it to us. If people would like to print a page and get others to sign it and send a full page or pages to us, that would be better still. Please send to PO Box 425 Westcourt 4870. Please don’t scan and email it back or fax it back as we need original signatures so that it can be presented to the House of Representatives. We are aiming for at least 10,000 signatures and will table it more than once. This petition has the support of the Coalition, the ALP and the Greens. However we need to do public education and build support for the issue at referendum as the issue will ultimately be decided by the Australian people. We want to continue to build the political will of the Parliament to support this constitutional change as well. Thanks for your help in this important initiative to make Australia a just and caring nation.

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View YouTube on the need to recognize Indigenous people in the constitution and remove racism:

(Or view on Youtube here:

Please sign the petition on this page and post it to us or get some friends to sign too and then return it. This could then be presented to federal parliament with the other signatures.
If you need a quicker way, go onto and sign it. Though it can’t be presented to parliament, it can still have influence:

Visit Boomerang Petition Page on

For those in Cairns or surrounding areas, the and petition will be launched on 4.12.14 at 4.30pm at Rydges Esplanade, 209-217 Abbott St Cairns in the Joseph Banks Room. Refreshments are provided. RSVP by 10am 4.12.14 to Barbara Ph 0466076020. You will be in for an interesting time.
Boomerang petition launch 4.12 Boomerang petition launch 4.12


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