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Cairns author Barbara Miller has written If I survive: Nazi Germany and the Jews, 100-year-old Lena Goldstein’s Miracle Story. Lena, living in Sydney, turns 100 on 31 January and the book will be in her hands in time for her birthday.

Published on Amazon on 7 January, the book has been rated the no 1 new release in Jewish History, the no 1 new release in Jewish Holocaust History, the no 1 new release in Historical German Biographies and the no 1 new release in Social History.

Miller says, “Lena is so gracious despite all the trauma she went through. The thought ‘If I Survive’haunted Lena. Her loved ones were cruelly forced from her arms in the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland and perished in Treblinka Death Camp. This is a true story of Holocaust survival. Lena kept thinking, ‘It’s my turn next’.”

Miller says, “Hitler’s main target was the Jews who he wanted to wipe off the face of Europe. However, there were other targets of Hitler and Nazism – Poles and other Slavic people, Roma (Gypsies), Catholic priests and Christian pastors, homosexuals, political prisoners and the disabled. In all, there were 11 million victims of Hitler’s racist diabolical ideology including 6 million Jews, 1.5 million of the Jews being children.

Lena’s voice reminds us now, and will inform future generations, what it was like to be a Jew during the Holocaust. Voices were silenced by gunshots, bayonet stabbings, the gas chambers or burning ghettos but Lena’s voice will live on to tell her story. She is one of the last living witnesses of the Holocaust.”

This is one of eight reviews by key Jewish leaders who have endorsed the book – “This is a truly beautiful collaboration between the author and her subject, who have together produced an invaluable documentation of a unique, moving, life story set against the backdrop of one of the darkest moments in human history.  To read ‘if I Survive’ is to meet a remarkable person and to be touched by her intense humanity in an inhuman world.” Jeremy Jones AM, former President of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry and Director, Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council

The book will be launched at the Sydney Jewish Museum on 10 February, NSW Parliament on 11 February and the Jewish Holocaust Centre in Melbourne on 14 February. The book is available from Amazon or the author’s website – www.barbara-miller-books.com.

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Press release re If I Survive 17.1.19



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