Barbara Miller Books Newsletter March 2023 no 2

Cairns Tropical Writers Festival 

Below Left Norman Miller, David Hudson MC, and Barbara at the Writers dinner, and Below Right, Barbara giving Norman’s book Reef and Rainforest: An Aboriginal Voice Through Art and Story to former Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Sallyanne Atkinson AO who hosted a session in conversation with Torres Strait Islander actor and author Aaron Fa’Aoso.

Sallyanne, along with Cheryl Buchanan, is now co-chair of the Interim Truth and Treaty Body in Qld. I gave Sallyanne a copy of my book Secrets and Lies: The Shocking Truth of Recent Australian Aboriginal History, A Memoir to give to Cheryl, an old friend of mine from University days.

Left – Welcome to Country at the Writers Festival and Right – Aaron Fa’Aoso with a friend

Have You Always Dreamed of Being a Published Author? – The Successful Author Kit is for You.

Bestselling author Barbara Miller has produced the following guides to help you on your way to fulfilling your dream. It is called the Successful Author Kit. She knows what it takes to have a successful writing career. You can get the following guides in the kit:

  • Guide to Choosing Your Niche
  • Guide to Finding Your Book Topic and Title
  • Guide to Structuring Your Non-Fiction Book, and as a bonus
  • List of Resources for Authors

If you would like more information, check it out here

My books can be found at the Munganbana Reef and Rainforest Aboriginal Art Gallery at 33 Lake St Cairns, at Cairns Books bookshop at Cairns Central Shopping Centre, on Amazon, and on my website – Happy reading!!

Left – Who were the first Europeans to set foot on Australian soil and where did it happen? Find out in “The European Quest to Find Terra Australis Incognita: Quiros, Torres and Janszoon.” Check it out here.

Right – A first-hand account of the Holocaust from a Polish Jewish woman who faced death daily in “If I Survive.” Find out more here.

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