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Hi there, I haven’t sent out an update since February. Wow! how time flies and I trust you are all well and coping with the Covid-19 lockdowns. I have been busy. Among other things, I have written 3 journals – My Prayer Journal, My Bible Study Journal and My Sermon Notes Journal. At the moment, these are best ordered from Amazon though you can order them in a pdf file from my website and print them yourself.

I have a chapter each in 2 books and put a new cover on my “Shattered Lives Broken Dreams” book. I have also turned the book “If I Survive” into an audiobook which will be available soon.

My Prayer Journal

This is an inspirational Christian prayer journal that would make a wonderful keepsake and assist with your spiritual growth and development. It has a beautiful floral cover with prayer hands and has prompts for prayer requests, answered prayers, insights and Bible verses. It will enrich and draw you into your prayer time. Ask the Father questions and record His answers. Write answers to prayer so you will be encouraged at His goodness. Press into the heart of the Father and be blessed. Hear His heartbeat! The link is

The Canberra Declaration book

The Canberra Declaration released on 22 July a book called “The Blessings of Almighty God: the Canberra Declaration Story and the Call to Revitalise Australia.” I have written a chapter, with Norman, called “Canberra Declaration: the birth of a new push to protect our Judeo-Christian heritage.”

Norman and I helped launch the Canberra Declaration at a conference we hosted at Parliament House Canberra on 23 July 2010 so the book was launched for the 10th anniversary. Those who wrote chapters were asked to write some personal stories of how we got involved with the Canberra Declaration and our journey. The book is available from and there is also information on my website here

My Bible Study Journal

Journaling our Bible study helps us unearth its riches and take hold of God’s promises which can give us victory when we face life’s challenges.

The Bible is truly a light to our path and recording our study of it gives us invaluable guidance. The prompts include scripture, the message of the day, how to apply it and prayer and thanks. It is perfect for Bible Study Groups or personal use. The link is

My Sermon Notes Journal

In these days of faith services by zoom etc, this is a journal to record and reflect on the sermons or online messages you hear. It will enable you to remember, digest and apply pearls of wisdom that can change your life forever. It is an Inspiring, comforting and uplifting way of personal and spiritual growth. You make the pearls of wisdom from another’ s study and life experience uniquely your own by engaging with the material. The link is

The Success Code

“Success Code” is an anthology and I am a co-author. Do you ever wonder why some people always seem to succeed, and others fail? Most “overnight” successes have been developed with small changes in daily habits and mindset tweaks, one day at a time.

We asked over 20 experts to describe these habits for us, and the result was “The Success Code.” The book is a life lesson of habits, mindsets and stories of how they have been used to overcome obstacles and achieve success.
My chapter is entitled “The Power of Vision” and covers how my team and I successfully organised the Bethany Gate All Pacific Prayer Assembly conference in Cairns, Australia. It is on pre-order and at a special price of 99c so don’t miss out on the special price. The book launches as an ebook on 4 August. The link which is

Shattered Lives Broken Dreams

The Nazis shatter glass and shatter the lives of European Jews at Kristallnacht, the start of the Holocaust. An Australian Aboriginal, William Cooper, leads the campaign for civil rights for his people who are dying of poverty and mistreatment around him. 1938; two worlds, far apart. Cut to the core after Kristallnacht, can he do anything to stop it?

Described as Australia’s Martin Luther King, Cooper leads the Australian Aborigines’ League on a protest to the German Consulate in Melbourne. Would the Third Reich pour out its wrath on them? Would they make a difference?

A Chair of Resistance to the Holocaust was named in honour of Cooper at Yad Vashem. His grandson, Alf Turner, becomes passionate about fulfilling his grandfather’s unfinished business and taking the protest to Berlin itself. How will he be received? Launched in Feb 2020, the ebook now has a new cover.
Many blessings and happy reading!!!

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