THE GATHERING – Painting Story


Acrylic on canvas – 860mm x 840mm
Original sold
Limited edition prints will be available

Front Cover Artwork
This painting is part of a reconciliation theme and the important thing I want to bring across is as a gathering of people how we can work in that good partnership/relationship way. How we can build on and encourage and recognize the diversity, not only in our nation, but also in our cities and towns.

The painting speaks of the gifts that are God-given to each one of us and the responsibility that comes with it of being able to shape our city or community together. And what is also strongly coming forth is that we are able to walk together and talk together. There were only tracks then. Now roads are built in outback areas and we need to walk together where there are no roads. The black and white lines represent being able to cross those different sections of society and embrace them with love and compassion.

The blues represent refreshing rivers to people and to the land. The green represents good growth in an environment that shows health. Mainly what I wanted to say is how some people talk about grey areas – where there is room for movement and exchange of views. It’s good that we can come together in sharing represented by the circles of black and white dots. We need each other.


Acrylic on canvas – 860mm x 840mm