Has The Christian Voice Been Heard?

Authored by Barbara Miller


Australia is at a crossroads. Is it a racist nation? Will reconciliation ever be possible? Will it be divided forever? Will we have two classes of citizens, Indigenous and non-Indigenous after the Voice Referendum on October 14? Do we have to deal with the original sin of colonialism as the foundation of Australia from which we can never have redemption or forgiveness?

Is separatism the way forward? Or can Australia heal after this divisive debate over the Voice to Parliament and government referendum? We are fighting for the very heart of Australia. We are soul-searching about who we really are as a nation and what we want to be and our vision of the future. We are told that whether we are black or white, First Nations or non-Indigenous that if we vote yes, we are enshrining racism in the constitution and if we vote no, we are racist, ignorant, and hateful. Years of work for reconciliation and to build a multicultural cohesive society in Australia are at risk.

Has the Christian voice been heard? This book gives a Christian response by a pastor and former psychologist who has been an activist and researcher in First Nations affairs for over 50 years. She explains why she has changed from supporting the Uluru Statement from the Heart to voting no at the referendum.

Barbara Miller is a pastor, sociologist, and historian who is a bestselling author and has written over a dozen books, most of them on Australian history involving First Nations people. She has also written books on the Holocaust and on Christianity.