Christian journals


$10 AUD

Product Details:

  • Beautiful floral pink and pearls matte-finish cover design
  • Christian workbook, sermon notes and application journal all in one!
  • Printed on high quality white paper stock
  • Perfectly sized at 8×10 to fit right in your purse or church bag!
  • Great for organizing thoughts to reflect on during the week
  • Excellent in keeping organized at church instead of loads of scraps of paper in your purse
  • The perfect gift for family and friends

GET your Sermon Notes Journal now and enjoy the pearls of wisdom

This is a journal primarily for Christian women to record and reflect on the sermons or online messages you hear. It will enable you to remember, digest and apply pearls of wisdom that can change your life forever. It is an Inspiring, comforting and uplifting way of personal and spiritual growth. You make the pearls of wisdom from another’ s study and life experience uniquely your own by engaging with the material.
This sermon notes journal is a keepsake journal to record Bible teachings. It is not a devotional but is designed to cultivate your relationship with God as you study the Word. It is the perfect tool to record, remember, and reflect on each week’s sermon. Every week has a two page spread that includes a space to write the scripture and  journal your take away from the lesson. There is an additional lined page to write notes and a section on “How Can I Apply this?” You can carry it in your handbag or computer case.These treasures or pearls of wisdom you record are valuable for you to look back on for years to come.


$10 AUD

Why you’ll love this book

  • Beautiful floral pink and matte-finish cover design
  • Prayer journal where you can add a Bible verse that is speaking to you
  •  Printed on high quality white paper stock
  •  Perfectly sized at 8×10 to fit right in your purse or computer bag!
  • Great for organizing thoughts to reflect on during the week
  • Meditate on what God is doing in your life
  • See how far you have come in your spiritual journey
  • Hear the heart of the Father as you press in to Him
  • The Our Father Prayer as taught by Jesus is on the back cover
  •  A great gift for family and friends
  •  Perfect for prayer groups and Bible study groups

GET your Prayer Journal now
and enjoy your quiet time

This is an inspirational Christian prayer journal that would make a wonderful keepsake and assist with your spiritual growth and development. It has a beautiful floral cover with prayer hands and has prompts for prayer requests, answered prayers, insights and Bible verses. It will enrich and draw you into your prayer time. Ask the Father questions and record His answers. Record answers to prayer so you will be encouraged at His goodness. Press into the heart of the Father and be blessed. Hear His heartbeat!


$10 AUD

This simple but elegant journal will take your quiet time with the Lord to a new level. This journal helps you to process scripture and make it personal, ask questions of God and keep track of your precious spiritual journey.

Product Details:

  • Premium matte cover finish
  • Beautiful inspiring floral cover design with scripture on the back cover
  • High quality 60# (90 gsm) paper stock
  • Large format 8 x 10 pages
  • Slim and portable to fit into your Bible cover or computer bag
  • 102 lined pages
  • Perfect as a gift or for yourself

GET your Bible Study Journal now
and enrich your life

Journaling our Bible study helps us unearth its riches and take hold of God’s promises which can give us victory when we face life’s challenges.

The Bible is truly a light to our path and recording our study of it gives us invaluable guidance. The prompts include scripture, the message of the day, how to apply it and prayer and thanks. It is perfect for Bible Study Groups or personal use.

This bible study journal is a keepsake journal to record your Bible study reflections. It is not a devotional but is an open guide to record your personal quiet time in the Word of God. It is recommended that you write out the Scripture passage that you are studying in the space provided. This will help you remember it and engage with it more. The “How Will I Apply It” section provides a valuable opportunity to look at how you can make it relevant to your life. And finally, the “Prayer & Thanks” section is a place where you can pray over what the Lord has taught you and give Him thanks.



Barbara Miller is a pastor and psychologist and lives in Cairns, Australia with her husband Norman, also a pastor of the Tabernacle of David. They are international prayer ministry leaders and also host conferences.